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Gold Wind 6MW offshore wind turbine hoisting installation completed

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10 Apr 2014

Recently, Gold Wind management revealed that the hoisting installation work of 6MW wind turbine in Jiangsu Dafeng has been completed. That wind turbine has officially entered the power grid connection commissioning and debugging stage.

Gold Wind 6MW wind turbines continued the application of direct drive permanent magnet technology route. The blade impeller diameter is more than 150 meters, which is currently China domestic direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine with largest installed capacity. This type of wind turbine is mainly used in offshore wind power construction.

"China National Development & Reform Commission and the National Energy Board are currently discussing on offshore wind power standard electricity pricing. The successful completion of Gold Wind 6MW wind turbine hoisting installation has made necessary technical preparation for the start of China domestic offshore wind power." A well known wind power industry analyst said.

Originally, Gold Wind planned to finish the 6MW direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine overall design and the parts detail design in 2011, and complete the wind turbine prototype hoisting installation in June 2012. However, the plan has been delayed once and once again.

According to Gold Wind announcement in March 23rd, 2013, the plan has changed the Nanjing MW level wind turbine industrialization project. After the revocation of Gold Wind Nanjing, the recovery funds has reached about $4.48 million USD (26.9 million Yuan). The recovered fund has been used for the 6MW direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine development project.

At present, in China, there are existing domestic wind turbine manufacturers including Sinovel, United Power, Xiandian, and Haizhuang have completed the 5MW and above large-scale wind turbine installation, commissioning, and trial operation.

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