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GoldWind global direct-drive permanent magnet turbine installed capacity reached 10GW

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12 Jun 2012

GoldWind is the world's largest and most experienced enterprise in direct drive permanent magnet (DDPM) turbine development. With its recent completion of U.S. Shady Oaks wind farm, its global installed DDPM turbines reached 6582 units. The total capacity has reached 10GW.

GoldWind DDPM China projects are distributed in more than 20 provinces. Most recent overseas more than 200 units have been completed lifting. Those projects distributed over 10 countries across six continents.


In recent years, global wind power industry is in a gradual shift to the DDPM technology. As the first company started DDPM commercialization, GoldWind has firmly believed that: the DDPM will lead a new generation of wind power technology development.


GoldWind Technology Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wu Gang said: "Years ago, GoldWind initiated a MW class science and technology plan. We made decisive shift from the traditional gear box to DDPM wind power technology. That was because we saw the technology products development trend. We want to give the market, to provide the customers more efficient and more valuable products."


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