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Goodrich to install third Ingersoll automated fiber placement machine

News International-French

21 Dec 2011

Goodrich has completed pre-acceptance of a Mongoose automated fiber placement (AFP) system from Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. This is the third AFP machine from Ingersoll for Goodrich’s Aerostructures business. The equipment will be installed in Riverside, Calif., and used for the production of nacelle components for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 XWB programs. Goodrich holds contracts to provide the nacelle systems for both twin-engine airplanes.

The new machine features the latest generation of the Mongoose family of Fiber Placement machines. A simplified and direct material path from the creel to the point of deposition reduces stress on the material, avoids twisting and roping, improves productivity and decreases the time needed for machine maintenance.



Like the prior two machines purchased by Goodrich, the new Mongoose is a gantry vertical machine that is capable of layup on stationary female molds. The Mongoose utilizes a new post processor for optimal machine motion. Efficient off-part motion and accurate head repositioning significantly improve overall productivity of the machine.



The addition of the Mongoose will enable Goodrich to meet current and ramp-up production rates for the two new commercial aircraft.



Ingersoll Machine Tools is the leading supplier of Vertical Gantry Fiber Placement Machines, with eight machines already installed and producing structural aircraft components. All Ingersoll Vertical AFP machines lay up on stationary concave and convex tooling for a variety of applications, ranging from fuselage sections to nacelle components, wing skins and vertical and horizontal stabilizers.



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