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Gordon Murray Design and Toray sign technical partnership agreement

News International-French

1 Feb 2012

The partnership, primarily in automobile-related R&D, is aimed at collaboration in important areas such as material and technical cooperation for promotion and enhancement of iStream®, an efficient production process (hybrid system) developed by GMD, and joint research and development on materials and techniques that contribute to development of automobile and other industries in the field of research and development regarding automobile.



Toray had requested GMD to handle the design and specification of a road-going two-seater open concept electronic vehicle (EV), and this culminated in the development of the TEEWAVE AR1 (Toray Eco Efficient WAVE Advanced Roadster 1) in September 2011. TEEWAVE is a flagship vehicle that embodies Toray’s Green Innovation Strategy by fully utilizing its environmentally friendly materials and technologies including carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).


With TEEWAVE, Toray enabled superior cost efficiency, light body weight of 846 kg including the battery and excellent safety performance by taking advantage of sophisticated technologies including high-cycle molding of CFRP. Monocoque, one of the most important technologies used in TEEWAVE, can be used in various types of vehicles. Toray, by demonstrating the potential for applying F1 technology to ordinary vehicles with the development of TEEWAVE, expects such technologies to further promote safety and environmental performance of vehicles. Toray unveiled TEEWAVE to public at the advanced material exhibition it held in September 2011 and subsequently displayed it at Tokyo Motor Show in the same year.


The technical partnership agreement to be signed gives an opportunity to combine core technologies of GMD and Toray to enable development of mass production techniques of advanced materials including CFRP, promotion of adopting thermoplastic CFRP in vehicle’s main structure and development of high crash safety structure. Both companies will cooperate across various fields including weight reduction, streamlining, cost cutting and improvements of safety and sustainability so as to bring about many more spectacular results.



Under its medium-term management program “Project AP-G 2013” launched in April 2011, Toray sets automobile and aircraft as one of the four major growth business fields and is aiming to pursue business expansion in those fields by bolstering efforts to develop advanced materials and through concerted efforts of all group businesses.


Toray will continue to focus on expanding advance materials led by carbon fiber composites so as to realize its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products”.


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