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Graduation of the first class of post-graduate students in composites of Brazil

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4 Apr 2013

Students from Curitiba presented their final dissertations in ALMACO’s 1st Regional Meeting of 2013

The 1st Regional Meeting of 2013 sponsored by the Latin American Composite Materials (ALMACO) will be remarkable in the history of the sector represented by the entity. In Curitiba, on March 26, 17 students presented their final dissertations from the first post-graduate course in polymer composites of Brazil.

“This is a very important moment for all of us. These professionals will have all the conditions to contribute to the sustainable expansion of our market,” said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO.

The result of a partnership between ALMACO and Universidade Positivo, the first post-graduate course in polymer composites of the country started in the second half of 2011, at the campus of Curitiba. Today, in addition to the capital of Paraná – with the second class starting in July – the course is offered in Caxias do Sul, and by the end of April, in Joinville.

“Education is one of our main goals, and that is why we expect to have one hundred professionals graduated by 2015”. Over the past four years, ALMACO has promoted more than 200 courses and workshops throughout Latin America – these events were attended by approximately 5,000 people. During this period, the association also published six technical books.

Before the presentation of the dissertations of the post-graduate students, approximately one hundred people attended lectures on raw materials, processes, sustainability, management and innovation. Also in Curitiba, there was the first “round of ideas” of the year, an activity conducted by Waldomiro Moreira, executive of Elekeiroz and one of the most experienced professionals in the Brazilian sector of composites.
ALMACO’s 1st Regional Meeting of 2013 also included visits to the plants of MVC and CNH, respectively, manufacturer of engineering plastics and manufacturer of agricultural vehicles – it is a subsidiary of Fiat.