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Grafton P1: Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

News International-French

17 Dec 2015

World's first vacuum pressed, completely hollow core, full carbon fiber, lightweight sunglasses featuring polarised optics.

Most sunglasses are flimsy, break easily, fit terribly, and are marked-up at ridiculous prices. One company owns nearly 90% of the sunglasses market and has slowed innovation and price fixed eyewear. Grafton is changing this by completely re-engineering classic styles, using state of the art materials, and cutting out the middle man.
Their product ideas come from their desire to make better products using carbon fibre. Through years of working in the F1 industry, they know this material can be utilised to improve our everyday lives. Their company ethos is to use carbon fibre to make better performing, high quality products, but at affordable prices for everyone.

A unique design

They are pushing the limits of sunglasses design. Instead of solid injection moulding, or thick flat sheet CNC milling of the sunglasses frames and arms, they wanted to utilise a hollow-core, stressed-skin design. Technically referred to as a 'monocoque', it is used in high performance jet aircraft and Formula 1 chassis. From experience, a stiffer, stronger structure can be achieved for the same or at a much reduced weight.



The most exciting thing about utilising this 'stressed-skin' design is that they can have great ergonomics. They feel great on your face! They are not forced into attaching metal appendages to interface comfortably with your nose and ears. They have those features designed right into the outer skin of the frames and arms. The design blends seamlessly from structure-for-strength to structure-for-comfort.Full Carbon Fibre Frames and Arms


Full Carbon Fibre Frames and Arms
Carbon fibre products start life as two separate materials: the carbon fibre cloth, and the epoxy. While they remain separate they are weak, but bringing them together they form a whole composite material that is stronger than the sum of the two components. It is this synergy of carbon fibre with the epoxy matrix that allows us to take advantage of the hollow-core design.

They hand layup each pair of sunglasses. They start with carbon fibre cloth and drape it over the contours of the mould. They aligned the weave to maximise its strength and then impregnate with epoxy. But each layup is still ever so slightly different. This means at the micro level, no two pairs of sunglasses are the same.

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