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Granta Design to extend autodesk inventor sustainable design tool

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13 Jul 2011

Granta Design announced on the 22nd of July 2011 details of the Eco  Materials Adviser Full Version. This will build upon the sustainable design  tool currently available, at no extra cost, within Autodesk Inventor 2012  software.

Autodesk Inventor Eco Materials Adviser helps designers to estimate a  product’s environmental impact and to make more sustainable design decisions.  The Full Version, available for purchase from Granta later this year, will  enable users to analyze larger assemblies, to study materials options in more  depth, and to account for a wider range of contributions to environmental  impact.


Using the Eco Materials Adviser, currently a designer can quickly generate an  eco impact analysis for a product part or assembly within Autodesk Inventor.  An easy-to-read dashboard display shows key indicators such as energy usage,  restricted substances, CO2 footprint, water usage, and materials cost. Any  Autodesk Inventor user can interactively explore the sustainability impact of  changes in materials choice or the design of their digital prototype.


The Full Version will enable more in-depth analyses, specifically:

 Assembly size – the Full Version will allow users to study Autodesk Inventor  assemblies of any size.


More depth on materials options - The Base Version allows users to select from  a representative set of materials. Designers can draw useful conclusions about  which classes of materials to use, and can access engineering and cost data on  these materials so that environmental targets can be considered alongside  other objectives. The Full Version will support designers wishing to study  materials options in more depth, offering a choice of around 3,000 materials.


Broader scope – The Full Version will account for the eco impact of the  complete product lifecycle – raw materials, manufacture, transport, use, and  disposal – and will add consideration of finishing processes such as painting,  electroplating, and powder coating. The result will be a more well-rounded  sustainability profile.


“Our software allows people to better understand the products they create  before they manufacture them to make better, more sustainable design  decisions,” said Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing  Industry Group at Autodesk. “Granta will take manufacturers’ understanding one  step further by making its materials information and eco assessment tools  available to Autodesk Inventor customers around the world.”


Granta’s eco design mission is to help companies reduce environmental impacts,  costs, and risks through integrated tools to manage and apply materials and  process knowledge. “Eco Materials Adviser is a significant step in enabling  practical eco design,” said Dr. Patrick Coulter, chief operating officer at  Granta Design. “We are pleased to announce the additional analysis options  that we will soon be providing to Inventor users, and we look forward to  delivering this new product later this year.”



About Granta

Granta are the materials information technology experts. Granta develops the  leading software for managing materials and process information in engineering  enterprises, and a series of tools for applying that data to key materials and  product design decisions. Granta serves sectors as diverse as aerospace,  defense, energy, medical devices, automotive, motorsports, manufacture of  consumer and industrial equipment, materials production, and publishing.  Customers realize multi-million dollar benefits in reduced cost, enhanced  product performance, improved quality, and faster design turnaround. Granta  was founded in 1994 as a spinout from the University of Cambridge and the work  of Professors Mike Ashby and David Cebon.


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