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Granta focus on new composite design data and FEA

News International-French

6 May 2014

JEC Americas 2014 - Engineering enterprises can capture corporate composite knowledge, compare in-house data with external reference information, and use this combined resource to support design decisions. Advances in 2014 support both materials information management and simulation.

The new release of the Composites Design Data Module provides traceable design data from AGATE and NCAMP (global aerospace projects) covering the constituents, intermediates, and processing steps used to generate over 600 laminates, including design data tested in up to four standard conditions. It has applications across research, design, testing, and simulation.

In JEC America’s Technical Program, Granta’s Deborah Mies will present the latest results from the Material Data Management Consortium’s ongoing research program. This focuses on bridging the gap between design data (property data generally created by M&P groups) and the input deck data required by finite element modeling and product development communities. This gap can prevent expensively acquired materials knowledge from being applied effectively in simulation.

The MDMC Composites Subcommittee (including Boeing, Airbus Helicopters, Honeywell, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce) has guided the development of tools and structures to bridge the gap, generating fully traceable PMC, CMC, and MMC design data and CAE input decks.

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