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Graphene production line in Cixi started construction

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6 Nov 2012

Recently, the graphene production line has officially started construction in the east coastal area in Cixi, China.

Graphene phase one project investment reached $34 million USD (210 million Yuan), with an annual output of 300 tons of graphite. According to conservative estimates, this material has a market potential of billions of Yuan for the substitute products market alone.


Graphene is the thinnest, most hard nanometer material has been found in the world. It not only can be used to manufacture ultra light aircraft materials (the thickness can be as thin as an ordinary paper), but also can be used to make the super tough armor.


In October 2008, Mr. Liu Zhaoping, a postdoctoral, graduated from the United States New York State University. He was hired by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology Engineering CAS (NIMTE). His job is to lead a research team for the graphene preparing new technology. In July 2011, the team has designed and built an annual output of 30 tons of graphene trial production line.


Graphene preparation cost is very high. The cost can be as high as $800 USD (5000 Yuan) per gram. It is more than ten times that of gold prices. Mr. Liu’s technology can reduce the manufacturing costs to $0.5 USD (3 Yuan) per gram. This means that graphene project can move toward industrialization, become an industrial raw material of large supply.


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