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Graphene promote national funding in China

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30 Apr 2015

The Chinese government has proposed to achieve graphene material mass production and scale of application in 2016.

The industrial experts said that, the industry is to promote the establishment of national industrial fund to support this emerging industry development.

National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) have officially released the "key material upgrading project joint implementation plan" in early November, 2014. This document proposed that, by the year 2016, China will impel the realization of mass production and scale of application for about 20 key new material include the graphene that is in urgent need in a new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, marine engineering and advanced rail transportation equipment industry development.

However, graphene industry is still in the trend of transactional phase from research and development to engineering and production. Currently, there are dozens of companies in the industry already have started the opeation in the graphene technology. However, although the effect is very good in the laboratory, when it becomes specific to the large-scale and industrial production there is still a need for time.

In order to boost the practical production and application of this new material, there is still uncertainty for the establishment of the state major specific projects funds in the national support level. The government is more inclined to establish the industrial fund. The graphene industrial fund should be at a size of 10 billion Yuan (US$ 1.633 billion), in which the central government would account for about 2 billion Yuan (US$ 32.67 million).

The industry is pushing the government to set up the graphene industry fund. According to initial assumptions, each of the domestic each big industry bases can provide 2 billion Yuan (US$ 32.67 million), then the central government can allocate another 2 billion Yuan (US$ 32.67 million). However, at present, the establishment is still premature, it is estimated that three to five years of time is needed to form such organization. In fact, the local industrial bases have already taken the lead in action.

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