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Greenboats Flax 27

News International-French

31 Jul 2020

In 2009 a young german shipbuilder started with the first a9empts to combine the ascetics and appeal of classic wooden shipbuilding with the design and engineering possibilities of modern composite technologies.

Greenboats Flax 27

Frederic J Deimann, nautical architect:

« It is our mission to accelerate the adoption of natural fibers and core materials as well as organic based resins for mass market applications ». 

The Greenboats Flax 27 daysailer substitutes synthetic with 80% of natural and recycled material. Using ampliTex technical fabrics combined with other sustainable materials.

Durable and aesthetic products made of Natural fiber composites (NFC). The material used is a sandwich composite structure, in which the reinforcing fibers of the skin (flax fibers), the core material (recycled PET) and the matrix (plant-based epoxy resin) are derived from renewable and sustainable sources.