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Greencore Composites to develop new products from wood fibre

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2 Sep 2013

The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is partnering with GreenCore Composites to develop a new green technology process that will allow wood fibre to be used in a number of new products for the packaging and building applications, such as pallets and various containers.

This new mixing process will be added to GreenCore’s existing NCell technology allowing GreenCore to widen the type of products in which glass fibre and other compounds such as plastics can be replaced with wood fibre composite materials.

CRIBE is providing $320,000 to GreenCore Composites for this important project that will position GreenCore as a market leader in natural fibre composites and Ontario as a leader in creating a more sustainable and greener economy.

The company has already demonstrated that they are capable of replacing glass fibre reinforced compounds which are used in a wide variety of products but are extremely energy intensive to produce with wood fibre composites using their patented pending  NCell technology.  

This wood fibre composite has been successfully piloted in many applications, from automotive parts, to rigid containers, furniture, and industrial products.  The benefits include enhanced sustainability, reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions.  This technology is expected to grow the company’s workforce from its current level of 6 employees to 40-45 by 2016.

“A key milestone for us this year was the approval and use of NCell in several consumer and industrial products, such as a range of tough storage containers for both consumer and industrial uses” said Geoff Clarke, President and CEO, GreenCore Composites. “Our true strength comes from our team and the important partnerships that we have with UofT for lab facilities and Tembec our wood fibre supplier.”

About the CRIBE:
The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy is a provincial initiative to transform the forest products industry in Northern Ontario. It is an independent, not-for-profit research corporation, with $25 million in funding provided by the government of Ontario, which partners closely with other relevant organizations to provide support to direct and turn research results and innovative business opportunities into operational realities. CRIBE will help the bio-economy to play a central role in the metamorphosis of Northern Ontario's future - creating jobs, opportunity and prosperity.

About GreenCore Composites:
GreenCore Composites is a cleantech manufacturer of natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials for companies seeking more environmentally friendly and advanced “green” materials to mold or extrude products ranging from automotive parts to rigid containers, sports equipment and furniture. NCell materials, a combination of microfibers and thermoplastic polymers, are uniquely strong and meet the need for lightweight products that use less energy to mold, reduce tooling wear and provide cost savings when compared to glass reinforced polymers. These advance materials are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario.

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