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Greene, Tweed expands manufacturing capabilities

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12 Feb 2015

The company has announced the commission of additional state-of-the art composites manufacturing equipment to support the ongoing growth of production program awards for components produced from Xycomp DLF discontinuous long fiber thermoplastic composites.

The investment expands Greene, Tweed’s capacity to meet the continued increase in demand for Aerospace components produced from Xycomp DLF.

The new equipment includes another highly automated ProFusion compression molding line and a dedicated advanced machining center – both of which are fully operational in Greene, Tweed’s Kulpsville, PA composites production center.

ProFusion compression molding line
The additional ProFusion molding line incorporates high pressure/high temperature capability for near-net compression molded PEEK and PEKK-based DLF thermoplastic composite materials. Bar code scanning for process parameter input and automated mold/material handling are among the features included in all of Greene, Tweed’s ProFusion lines, delivering a high level of process control that ensures repeatability and reliability.

5-axis advanced machining center
Greene, Tweed’s fully automated 5-axis advanced FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) machining center was installed to increase composite machining capabilities that support DLF component manufacture. The machining center delivers increased precision for higher tolerances and improved quality capability. Automated tool change-overs and automated palletized loading are additional features incorporated for high-volume lean manufacturing of complex-shape composite parts.

The new molding and machining equipment is currently manufacturing components for applications in service on Airbus A350, A380, A320neo; Boeing 787 and 777; and Bombardier C-series aircraft.

About Xycomp DLF:
Xycomp DLF thermoplastic composites technology targets complex-shape metal part replacement for key weight savings and other benefits. Greene, Tweed has refined Xycomp DLF design, analysis, and processing methods in recent years to deliver a broad range of DLF components. This has led to successful adoption by several major commercial aerospace OEM’s and Tier 1’s including production engine, nacelle, and interiors applications. Produced using thermoplastic-matrix materials, Xycomp DLF products also can be recycled and remolded at the end of service for use in other applications, supporting environmental goals.

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