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Growth consultancy to exhibit at JEC for the first time

News International-French

21 Feb 2013

Based consultancy Future Materials Group (FMG), the brainchild of David Schofield and Adrian Williams, both well-known and highly experienced veterans of the Composites /Advanced Materials sectors, will exhibit at JEC for the first time this year.

The company operates globally, providing clients in the Advanced Materials and High Value Manufacturing sectors with respected CXO and Board-level support to achieve their ambitions for growth.

“Advanced materials is a hot space to be in, in terms of mergers, acquisitions and opportunities for growth funding right now,” says Schofield, “FMG is looking forward to meeting innovative companies ambitious for growth at JEC 2013."

From growth strategy development and growth acceleration planning, to managing mergers and acquisitions, developing strategic partnerships and mobilising finance for growth, FMG’s expertise is underpinned by deep understanding of the sectors in which the company and its clients operate.

With 25 years in Advanced Materials, David Schofield has worked internationally in both executive and non-executive roles, for Ciba-Geigy, Huntsman and Gurit AG, among others, providing extensive advice on strategy, marketing, business development and acquisitions for multi-nationals and SMEs.

Adrian Williams has held a number of senior executive positions in the UK, Europe and North America, specialising in growth strategy and implementation for companies at every stage of their development, from start up to large, multi-nationals around the world.

In response to FMG’s rapid growth, James Austin has also recently joined the team. With over 20 years’ experience in Composites/Advanced Materials, James was instrumental in transforming SP Systems’ market position prior to the company’s acquisition by Gurit AG, where he remained as COO with responsibility for supply chain and production in Europe, Asia and North America.

Schofield, Williams and Austin’s combined track-record of formulating powerful strategies for sustainable growth ensures that FMG is well-placed to provide advisory and practical services of the highest calibre for companies at every stage of their development, from start up to multi-national.

The company’s multi-disciplinary approach is channeled to deliver heavyweight transaction support, with the planning and networks to convert compelling opportunities into actual revenue, market share and long-term value. 

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