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Growth scenarios for the carbon fibre market to 2034

News International-French

24 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Future Materials Group (FMG), the strategic advisory firm for the advanced materials sector, will be releasing the results of its new analysis into potential growth scenarios for the carbon fibre market over the next 20 years and discussing the opportunities these present to investors and industry players.

FMG's research and analysis team has explored the impact of potential future developments in the aerospace and automotive sectors on the carbon fibre industry. During JEC World, the company will release industry briefings and video commentaries outlining its insights, which propose radical scenarios for the growth of the carbon fibre market through 2034. For investors and industry players with a long-term view, both markets offer enormous opportunities, but for very different reasons and with very different risks. The FMG team will be available during the show to further discuss their research findings and advise on these opportunities.

FMG assists businesses at all stages of development from start-up to maturity, by creating and increasing value through accelerating and managing growth. The company's in-depth industry knowledge and expertise provide clients a comprehensive understanding of the markets in which they operate, or seek to enter, and many emerging areas of opportunity. Following another year of strong business growth in 2015, FMG will continue to expand its research and analysis team and add to its senior team of industry experts during 2016.

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