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Guang Wei Composites announce Chinese patent for semi-preg and new 30 Million RMB R&D Facility

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23 Mar 2011

JEC 2011 will see Guang Wei Composites, the leading prepreg supplier in China, announce two developments to the market - the recent awarding of the Chinese patent for their Wind Energy semi-preg materials and the opening of a new 30 Million RMB Research and Development Facility.

  • Chinese patent granted to Guang Wei Composites for semi-preg materials – a dry form prepreg designed for Wind Energy and other large composite components.
  • 30 Million RMB investment in new R&D facility focusing specifically on lightweight carbon fibre prepregs for Sports and Marine plus Industrial materials for Wind Energy and Infrastructure.
  • Showcase of technology leading products including semi-preg, and dry Unidirectional Carbon Reinforcements on the Guang Wei Composites stand, Booth no. Q32.


Guang Wei Semi-Pregs

The Guang Wei semi-preg materials are constructed from layers of dry reinforcement fibres and a catalysed resin matrix film. Unlike conventional prepregs, the fibrous reinforcements in Guang Wei semi-preg materials are supplied to the end-user in a non-impregnated form meaning that it is only during the final curing process that the fibres and resin matrix film are combined and the laminate ply wets out.


The dry reinforcement layers allow the laminate stack to release air between the plies without debulking, which ensures that cured laminates reliably exhibit a very low void content with simple vacuum bag processing, offering the customer significant benefits in quality control.


Guang Wei’s semi-preg materials are ideally suited to the serial manufacture of large composite components, in particular, the critical sections of wind turbine blades where exceptional laminate quality and mechanical performance is required.



Guang Wei Research and Development Facility

Guang Wei has invested 30 Million RMB (3.3million Euros) in a new state of the art Research and Development facility. The 1000m2 facility will house 40 trained technicians who will focus specifically on Composite material product developments such as surface coatings, fire retardant products for Aerospace, adhesives and lightweight carbon fibre products for Marine and Sports and heavyweight materials for Wind and Infrastructure.


The facility that will be located at the Guang Wei Composites headquarters in Weihai, Shandong will open in late January.