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Guangdong first offshore wind power project launched

News International-French

5 Aug 2016

Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind power field demonstrative project has obtained approval by Guangdong Provincial government.

This has marked that Guangdong offshore wind power plan has a firm and solid start.

Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind power field demonstrative project is invested by a joint venture of 8 companies including China Southern Power Grid, Ming Yang Wind, and Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd. This project has a planned scale of 120 MW with 34 3 MW wind turbine unites and 3 6 MW wind turbine units. After the project completion, it is expected to generate over 266 million KWH. Annually it can save 86,600 tons standard coal and a reduction of 206,700 tons of carbon dioxide.

It has been reported that this project is not only China state demonstration project, but also the world first offshore wind power and ocean island new energy smart micro power grid application research integrative project. This project will provide the necessary experience and demonstration for the successive offshore wind power project development in Guangdong Province.

After the project completion, it can connect Zhuhai Dongao Island, Guishan Island, and Dawan Island micro power grid with the onshore main power grid so that to achieve island grid connecting power supply. This has completely solved remote island steady power supply problems and achieved island energy source comprehensive utilization and provided energy foundation for the local social economy sustainable development.