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Guangwei Group and Adesso signed a strategic partnership for recyclable composites

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16 Sep 2014

The two parties aim at collaborations on development of recyclable resin formulations, recyclable pre-preg and recyclable composites.

Mr. Liang Chen, Board Chairman, Mr. Xiangyang Deng, General Manager, at Guangwei Group, and Dr. Bo Liang, Chairman & CEO, Mr. Zhongguo Xu, General Manager, at Adesso Advanced Materials attended the signing ceremony. On the same day, the parties jointly launched a recyclable CFRP fishing rod in the new product promotion conference during the 7th National Guangwei Fishing-King Cup Tournament Final. Dr. Bo Liang introduced the green product and its environmental friendly feature of being recyclable and re-useable. Mr. Liang Chen gives high appraisal for the world cutting-edge technology and expresses his high expectation for the collaboration and the Group Company’s high regard for environmental and social responsibility.

Because the recyclable carbon fiber fishing rod is made with the recyclable resin system which was formulated with Adesso’s patent-pending degradable Cleavamine curing agent. This recyclable fishing rod, un-similar to traditional ones, has a very unique feature: when the recyclable fishing rod reaches its usable life, it can be collected back and subject to a resin degradation in a special chemical solution under mild condition. The fiber can be recycled and reused and the reclaimed resin can be reused as thermoplastics or moulding compounds.

As of now, Adesso has developed recyclable epoxy resin systems suitable for RTM, vacuum infusion, compress molding and pre-preg processes used for composite manufacturing. Adesso’s Recycloset recyclable epoxy resin systems will have a great potential in aerospace, automotive, railway transportations, marine, wind energy and sporting good applications.

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