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Guangxi University of Technology students made a composite pure electric racing car

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20 Nov 2013

Guangxi University of Technology (GXUT) announced that the 50 students of GXUT FSEC racing team have hand made a pure electric racing car.

According to the announcement, the racing car has participated in the demonstration stage of Formula SAE China, a competition to build and train personnel vehicle engineering in China.

The length of this racing car is less than 3 meters with a narrow driver’s cabin can just accommodate one person driving. The vehicle modeling is similar with the general formula cars.

According to Guangxi University of Technology FSEC racing team captain Teng Yu introduction, this racing car is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the rules, standards, and requirements by the Formula race. It cost nearly 200000 Yuan (US$ 33,333), and took the team nearly 6 months to complete the design and making.

The main material is glass fiber reinforced composite material. The frame is a steel truss structure, with a weight of 340 kg and the design speed of 120 km per hour. Except the motor and battery were purchased outside, all the other parts are designed, manufactured and installed by the students themselves.

The racing car instructor, Guangxi University of Technology Automotive Institute Vice President Liao Shuhua introduced that the students have put a lot of effort and sacrifice so that the racing car can get offline smoothly. Because it is the first time this year to held a pure electric car racing, Guangxi University of Technology pure electric car is the first electric racing car in all Guangxi major universities and colleges.

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