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Gurit’s rapid, UV curing RENUVO repair system

News International-French

15 Oct 2012

The objectives of Gurit’s rapid, UV curing RENUVO repair system are to increase the up-time of wind turbines in-field and to ensure fast in-factory finishing of a blade.

With the two latest product additions, Gurit has expanded its successful RENUVOTM product range into a versatile, easy and fast to apply blade finishing and maintenance system. Launched or featured at Husum Wind Energy 2012, the two new products have seen a great response from turbine blade manufacturers as they provide convincing solutions to frequent production issues:
RENUVOTM Finishing System (FS) is a single-component material supplied in a cartridge. While UV-curing like all other RENUVOTM products, it can also be used in direct sunlight with working times of up to 5 minutes. Usable in conjunction with other RENUVOTM products, they designed the product to be easy to sand. This makes it ideal for touching up small blade surface defects and finishing structural repair jobs.    
RENUVOTM Wet Laminating (WL) is also a single-component UV-curing material, supplied in formats to suit volume requirements. They formulated this addition to the RENUVOTM family so it behaves just like a traditional wet laminating system. It is therefore ideally suited for in-factory infusion repairs and leading/trailing edge finishing processes. It can also be used in-field where shelter from sunlight is possible.
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