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Gurit launches new products and presents comprehensive “one-stop-shop” composite solutions portfolio

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11 Apr 2012

Gurit a leading global supplier of composite materials, engineering and technical solutions to the wind energy, transportation, tooling, marine and engineered structures markets, showcases its latest product innovations which again put customer needs on top.

Gurit experts will demonstrate the attainable customer benefits of Gurit’s comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ product and service offering on stand K44, at JEC Europe 2012. The exhibition will run from Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 29th March 2012, in Pavilion 1, Porte de Versailles, Paris.



Key Focus Wind Energy

Gurit introduces Velinox™, a new resin system developed as a next-generation resin platform to enhance Gurit’s current wind energy prepreg and SparPreg™ products. Velinox™ is ideally suited to benefit the cure of thick laminate sections, such as wind turbine blade spars and roots. This unique chemistry does not exotherm in the same ways as a standard epoxy, enabling the cure profile to be modified to eliminate dwell periods, for controlled exotherm. The result is a greatly reduced production cycle improving the mould utilisation. Velinox™ main benefits include:

  • Compatible with glass, carbon and aramid fibres
  • Less than half the curing time of current epoxy prepregs
  • Extremely low exotherm in any section thickness
  • No cold storage with a 4 month shelf life at 35°C and over 6 months at 20°C


Gurit launches RENUVO™ Wet Laminating (WL), specifically developed for wind turbine blade manufacturers’ in-factory applications. The RENUVO™ composite technology offers a fresh and novel approach to not only the maintenance and repair of today’s wind turbine blades, but also to the blade manufacturing process. RENUVO™ uses UV light from specially designed lamp equipment to achieve full cure in just a few minutes. RENUVO™ WL has been formulated to behave like a traditional wet laminating system, and is ideally suited for infusion repairs and leading and trailing edge finishing processes. RENUVO™ WL is supplied as a single-component in formats to suit the volume requirements. Main benefits include:

  • Air-free mono-component resin system
  • Ideally suited to in-factory wet laminating processes and automation
  • Suitable for use on polyester or epoxy substrates
  • Fast curing with RENUVO lamp technology
  • GL Certification (Pending)


Gurit showcases its comprehensive wind energy core material product range. Gurit’s unique  structural core materials product range for the wind energy market includes PET, PVC, Balsa and SAN core types, all with a distinct range of properties, attributes, and all available in sheet form or as tailored pieces in kit format.



KeyFocus Marine

Alongside the extended marine core offering,  including PET, PVC, Balsa and SAN core types, SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit, will be promoting the B3 SmartPac solution, its range of prepreg materials, including SE 84 Nano and the RINA approved, high-performance marine adhesive Spabond 540.

Key Focus Engineered Structures

Gurit has created a new business unit Engineered Structures. This new entity more rigorously addresses new market opportunities for composite applications. Engineered Structures brings together Gurit’s global capabilities in engineering, materials science, prototyping and manufacturing and can offer any combination of these skills to realise the most advanced composite structures. Members of the Engineered Structures team will be available at the show to discuss how Gurit’s expertise can be applied to solve engineering challenges in all markets.


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