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Gurit presents the Sailrocket 2

News International-French

21 Nov 2013

Vestas Sailrocket 2 smashed the outright speed record and took sailing into a supersonic era.

Gurit presents the Sailrocket 2

Paul Larsen the team leader and pilot of the world record breaking Sailrocket project will present at the Construction Materials Pavilion of the METS 2013 in Amsterdam, in association with Gurit.

Gurit Composite Materials supplied SE 84 and SE 70 carbon prepregs, Ampreg 22 laminating epoxy systems and Spabond adhesives along with innovative processing and ideas to help the Sailrocket team reach its goal.

Paul will present an overview of the project and how the use of Gurit’s advanced composite materials helped to ensure the revolutionary yacht was light and strong and more crucially, very fast. 

Gurit will also be highlighting its structural core kitting solutions. The kitting service can be used with Gurit’s full range of core materials (Corecell, PVCell, G-PET, G-PET FR, G-PETLITE and Balsaflex). Using core kits can optimise a boat build by reducing waste and in-mould time, improving core fitting tolerances and increasing product quality. Gurit will be displaying an example of their core kitting services on the stand.