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Gurit to showcase automotive composite materials

News International-French

12 Nov 2013

Gurit, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of composite materials, systems and engineering for a wide range of industrial uses and applications.

A materials, systems and engineering specialist for many of the world’s key composite applications, Gurit highlights its suite of new composite materials developed especially to meet the rapidly growing demand from automotive customers.

Prepreg materials for automotive applications
Gurit showcases the recently launched range of composite materials for the automotive industry. These include:

  • SC 110 Cosmetic Carbon Prepreg
    Ultra high clarity – ideal for cosmetic components with no whitewash or spots
    On average a 20% decrease in scrap finished parts, due to the elimination of whitewash
  • SE 200 Structural Epoxy Prepreg
    Toughened structural epoxy prepreg with hot/wet performance
    Fast, flexible curing options
  • PN901 High Tg Prepreg
    Cyanate ester prepreg ideal for components exposed to high temperatures for short durations
    Flexible cure cycle from 135°C to 180°C (at 180°C cure, Tg is 200°C)

Composite materials for a range of applications
Alongside these new products, Gurits sales and technical teams will be on hand at the stand to discuss the range of advanced composite materials available for a growing range of applications and industries.

Gurit showcases these products on Composites Engineering 2013.

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