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GURIT supply to the wind blade companies in China

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19 Apr 2012

The contract the world renowned composite materials manufacturer, GURIT Holding signed started last year will end by the end of this year, and a new contract is expecting to be signed then as the wind energy development has been forecasted as still in a rapid growing stage regardless of the twist and turns nowadays.

According to insiders, GURIT has signed a similar contract in the EU market earlier too with a total value undisclosed. However, from their investment last year in Tianjin the volume should be worth such investment.


Headquartered in Switzerland Wattwil, GURIT wind energy business general manager Rudolf Gerber said, the company has now installed a PET extrusion machine in its Tianjin factory, specifically for the contract to engage in production.


Mr Rudolf Gerber added: "With this production installation GURIT will provide the Chinese market the supply of same quality and level PET core material as our European plant currently produces."


According to GURIT, PET is widely regarded as the future important core material of wind energy application. Due to the adoption of the continuous extrusion process for producing, PET not only cost-effective, but also to provide outstanding wind energy resources characteristics.



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