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H9952: a new generation of nano-based epoxy adhesives

News International-French

25 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - For several years, Axson has supplied adhesives to leading manufacturers of honeycomb panels for the railway and aviation sectors. The company has developed a new generation of two-component epoxy resins to meet the latest specifications: high performance, maximum resistance and compliance with standards.

Axson has integrated processing parameters in order to optimize operating costs in the railway sector. Following the H9951 generation, which replaced the previously used adhesive films, the H9952 adhesive takes the next step in performance, reliability and manufacturing cost control. This product includes the latest nanotechnologies thanks to the unique knowledge Axson acquired in this area.

This latest generation provides significant mechanical performance both at room temperature and at high temperature (15 MPa at 80°C), as well as exceptional stability when ageing in the most severe conditions. Its strong adhesion to many materials (steel, aluminium, nylon, composites, carbon, glass, etc.) and resistance to dynamic loads meet the requirements of the railway sector.

This product complies with the NF F16-101 fire standard required by the industry, which defines the fire behaviour of materials in order to protect people in case of a fire on board. Its adaptability and its remarkable adhesive properties make it ideal for general industry applications and for the most demanding applications in the aviation or railway sectors.

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