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Hafei signed 737 aileron tab subcontract with Boeing

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14 Aug 2012

Recently, Hafei and Boeing Australia signed a 737 aileron tab project subcontract.

This is the Hafei and Boeing third collaboration following the contract of 787 composite wing body in 2005, and tail fairing composite parts subcontract projects.


The products of the project are the assembly of the symmetrical two composite components. The project delivery cycle is 5 years. According to the requirements of the contract with Boeing, after 1 year of the signing, Hafei needs to reach full production rate, i.e. 374 / year, or about 31 / month.


In addition to the improvement of production efficiency, Boeing values the cooperation relations development with Hafei. Boeing is looking forward to the Boeing 737 aileron tab project.


As Boeing Australia 737 aileron tab project only supplier will greatly exert Hafei composite material production capacity. It also increases the production value of international cooperation projects. At the same time, it will also again push the collaboration between Hafei and Boeing.



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