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Haian will build high performance composites enterprise research institutes

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17 Apr 2014

According to Haian County government bulletin, in the year 2014, this count will establish 16 enterprise level research institutes including high performance institute.

In recent years, Haian County has accelerated the construction of enterprise research institutes. After the establishment of Enterprise Research Institute Lianfa Group and other 6 enterprises, those enterprises has successfully made transformation for over 100 scientific and technological achievement that contributed newly added investment returns of 3.3 billion Yuan (US$ 550 million).

Last May, Haian high tech business park joined with Nanjing University established the Nanjing University Haian High Tech Research Institute with an academician as the chief researcher. They have established entities include the school-enterprise R & D institutes, industrialization pilot plants, and testing services centers. The 8 innovative teams have formed close cooperative relationship with Haian companies in "nano composite coatings", "nano magnetic materials", and "high performance composite materials".

In January this year, Haian high tech pioneering park management center has been listed among the national level science and technology business incubator ranks.

It is reported, currently, there are 30 industry leading enterprises in Haian have been determined to establish their own enterprise level research institute according to the standardized, advanced level, and effective management.

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