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Hainan first offshore wind project approved

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9 Aug 2012

China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Ltd Lingao offshore test wind turbine project was approved recently by the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

This is the first offshore wind power project approved in Hainan Province. It also is currently the largest single capacity offshore wind turbine in this country.


It is reported that this project is located in Lingao Jiao North Sea of Lingao County. There will be installing a stand-alone 6 MW capacity of wind power generating turbine WTG 136-6000 test prototype (this prototype wind turbine has just off the production line in China).


The construction of this project will provide basic information for the development of offshore wind power in Hainan province and accumulate development experience. It has important significance to improve China offshore wind turbine manufacturing technology level, and to promote China large power capacity wind turbine equipment commercialization.


In today's world renewable energy development, wind power generation cost is most close to the coal electricity generation. And it has the most potential for large-scale industrial development.


Compared with terrestrial wind power, offshore wind power resources is rich, with good quality, clean and environmental friendly. Offshore wind power has become the new direction of the development of international wind power.


Hainan Island is surrounded by the sea with plenty of offshore wind power resources. Companies with offshore wind power station construction capacity will come to this Island and actively involved in the development of offshore wind power in this China second largest Island province.


Up to now, Hainan province has already built 5 onshore wind power plants including the Hainan east wind power plant, Huaneng Wenchang wind power plant, CNOOC Sigeng wind power plant, Danzhou Ewind power plant, Dong Fang Gan Cheng wind power plant, with a total installed capacity of about 254700 KWs.



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