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Hami over $63 million USD investment in wind power equipment

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17 Aug 2012

On 2012, Hami area has started acceleration of the wind power equipment industry construction progress taking advantages of resources conversion and new-type industrialization development process.

In only January to May, the investment in wind power equipment industry completed a total of over $63 million USD.


Hami wind energy resources are very rich. Especially San Tang wind energy effective wind speed time reached up to 7344 hours per annual. The full load power generation is more than 2300 hour. It is one of the regions with largest number of effective wind speed hours in Xinjiang.


In recent years, Hami is striving to make wind power industry development with reasonable scale and to maintain an orderly development speed. In 2011, there were 18 approved wind power projects with a total size of 900000 KWs and 15 wind power projects pending for approval. The total size of the over all wind projects reached 2.25 million KWs. The number of the approved and pending for approval projects are in the history record high.


This year, Hami plans to start construction 27 wind power projects of 2.85 million KWs. In which, China Longyuan, Datang and other 9 enterprises respectively have invested in San Tang area for wind farm projects construction with a total investment reached $591 millions USD.


At the same time, large-scale wind power construction has also led to the development speed of wind power equipment manufacturing industry. During January to May, Hami wind power equipment industry has completed a total investment of more than $63 million USD.


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