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Hand-held FTIR for non-destructive testing

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15 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - The Exoscan 4100 and Flexscan 4200 hand-held Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) instruments are used for non-destructive testing of a wide range of parameters in composite materials.

They are battery-powered and facilitate the measurement of chemical changes within composite materials at the point of test. The technology is adapted from traditional laboratory instrumentation and is the only hand-held mid-IR spectrometer available in the world today, allowing for onsite testing of full-size composite parts for the parameters described below.


Exoscan and Flexscan are different form factors of the same system, the Exoscan being optimised for development use and the Flexscan designed for small or difficult to access spaces. Different sample heads provide maximum versatility for different sample types and software is designed to give a simple numerical or traffic light presentation of results.


The instruments offer valuable chemical data at the point of measurement allowing for timely decision-making and money-savings across a range of important applications in the composite and materials arena. As measurements are made non-destructively, the end product can be tested either at point of manufacture or when in service repair.


Their value has been demonstrated through their adoption by a number of major organizations working in the composite field.    


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