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Hansho Technologies joined the Seifert and Skinner group of Associates

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10 Dec 2013

Seifert and Skinner & Associates (SSA) and Hansho Technologies (HK) Ltd. announced that Hansho Technologies recently joined the Seifert and Skinner group of Associates.

Hansho's President, Mr. Shaun Hogan, has worked in the composites industry for many years, designing and developing numerous Composite Pressure Vessels and other composites projects. His expertise will add to the depth of experience encompassed in the Associates of SSA. Hansho's headquarters are in Shanghai, China, with team engineers located in China, USA, and Thailand.

Mr. Axel Seifert, Managing Associate, of SSA said that he's very glad to be associated with Shaun Hogan and Hansho Technologies. Together they will be able to offer their clients a more comprehensive solution to their needs for Composite Pressure Vessel development.

Mr. Shaun Hogan on its part explained that he has known Axel Seifert and Mike Skinner [founders of SSA] for many years and that he's glad that they have an opportunity to work together and to promote SSA’s Optimum CPV Composite Pressure Vessel technology for Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, gaseous Hydrogen and other applications.

Hansho Technologies will also provide sales and service support for the Composicad software package for filament winding in Asia.