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From hardeners to accelerators

News International-French

24 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - AlzChem AG specializes in NCN (nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen) chemicals, which are the base chemicals for the Dyhard® product group.

Under the brand name Dyhard®, the company markets micronized dicyandiamide-based high-performance cross-linking agents as well as imidazole-based and urea-based accelerators. Target markets are the adhesive, powder coating and, especially, composites industries. In the composites industry, these products are used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades, automobile parts, sporting goods and aircraft construction.

Dyhard® products play a central role in the safe and quality-critical production of such end products as they perfectly complement each other to facilitate the formulation of single-component thermosetting epoxy systems. These mostly powdered standard products have recently been complemented with the Dyhard®-Fluid range. These fluid, latent crosslinking agents now allow single-component injection and infusion procedures.

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