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Harley-Davidson project with Araldite 2031

News International-French

9 Sep 2014

Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive has been specified by Odyssey Motorcycles for use in the custom-build process on the Harley-Davidson Super Sport Roadster (SSR) Breakout motorbike.

Harley-Davidson project with Araldite 2031

On this 2014 Harley-Davidson CVO Breakout Softail model, French manufacturer, Odyssey Motorcycles, is responsible for the carbon fibre bodywork and exclusive detailing on the gas and oil tanks.

Providing excellent adhesion on a wide range of materials including metals and thermoset composites, Araldite 2031 is used to bond the carbon composite fuel tank shells and the aluminium parts on the front fairings.

Where mechanical fasteners, such as rivets add unwanted weight and limit profile options, adhesives like Araldite 2031 provide a better bonding solution, optimising lightweight structures and providing greater versatility in design.

With its superior structural stability, flexibility and good chemical resistance, Araldite 2031 is an essential component for ensuring the SSR withstands the high mechanical stresses, extremes of temperature and different chemical environments that it is likely to encounter during its lifetime.

Araldite 2031 delivers a tough and weatherproof finish, which is important for maintaining the bike’s high aesthetic finish.