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Harper awarded contract for advanced carbon fiber microline for approximately $5M USD

News International-French

1 Oct 2014

The provider of thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, has finalized a contract for a research scale carbon fiber processing line for use by a leading Carbon Fiber research institute in Asia.

The Harper Microline will include their oxidation ovens, LT and HT furnaces, state-of-the-art HMI supervisory control interface, material handling and treatment systems, and waste gas abatement systems. The line also includes Harper’s Ultra High Temperature (UHT) furnace technology rated to 2800°C for advanced carbon fiber development.

Harper’s Microline is system capable to process continuous tows of carbon fiber with high precision and outstanding data collection capabilities. Its enhanced features offer increased versatility and flexibility for the customer’s adjustments and modifications during their R&D trials.

As an expert in fully integrated carbon fiber process lines, from research scale up to high volume production at widths greater than 4 meters wide producing several thousand tons per year, Harper offers advantage in the efficient and fully optimized full line portfolio.

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