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Hebang signed a carbon fiber design contract with a German company

News International-French

4 May 2015

The German company will be responsible for the turn key engineering project of the T800 level carbon fiber used in aviation, automobile, civil defense.

The specific carbon fiber turnkey project includes: PAN polymerization device, precursor production device, production device of carbon fiber and a whole package of technical services. The planned production scale is 1500 tons / year.

It is understood, the contract is the pre-design contract for the industrial grade carbon fiber project introduced by Hebang. It is within the development strategy implemented by Hebang in the new materials, high added value fine chemicals, and high-end chemical products. Hebang will implement the relative decision procedures after further negotiation with the German company when the pre-design contract has been carried out. The final decision will depend on the premier design data, technical process design, device cost investment evaluation etc…..

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