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Hebei established Sino-Japan composites provincial key industrial zone

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21 May 2015

In order to promote the landing of signed investment agreement with the Japanese composite material investors, Hebei province Hengshui city Jizhou has planned a land of about 2.5 million square meters within the provincial economic development zone for the Sino-Japan composite materials industry international park.

The Sino-Japan composites park is focusing on the introduction of the investment from Japanese composite materials enterprises. Jizhou want to use the Japanese advanced technology and concept to accelerate the composite materials industrial upgrading and transformation to build top composites brands in China.

Recently, the Sino-Japan composite materials industrial park has been listed in the 30 key country industrial parks in Hebei province.

At present, the Sino-Japan composite materials industrial country park has secured 5 projects with a total investment of 1.5 billion Yuan (US$ 250 million). The projects include the following:

  1. The construction of SMC high water level tank automatic molding production
  2. Special petroleum pipe forming equipment
  3. Composite materials high-speed rail / subway sleepers
  4. Japanese food brewing production line
  5. The relocation of Japanese SEKISUI enterprises in China

At the same time, Jizhou is also in the discussion of other 6 projects including the composite materials integrated housing, high-grade bathroom supplies, with a total investment of 80 billion Yuan (US$ 1.67 billion).

In addition, the research and production of FRP sewage purification tank jointly developed by China and Japan companies has won the Hebei provincial science and technology achievement award, the Hebei provincial environmental protection department has listed it as a promotion focus product in the sewage treatment facilities of its new rural community construction, and the market prospect is very wide.

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