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Held opens Technology Park 2

News International-French

14 Nov 2012

Held Technologie GmbH has enlarged their  Technology Park in Trossingen-Schura in the south of Germany by setting up a new test center hall providing another 1,000 m² (10,000 sqft.) of floor space.

High demand for the two existing production lines made a new and more powerful line necessary, which would not fit into any of the existing buildings. The new building is not connected to any of the other buildings making it easy to provide a strictly confidential environment for customers wishing not to disclose any details of their development projects.

The new hall has been tailored to the exact requirements of the 39 m (128 ft.) long production line, which it houses. The center piece, the largest and most powerful isobaric high temperature double belt press in the world, "Heather 5", works continuously in a single pass process and can thus produce endless webs of the most diverse materials. During the process it not only compresses the material with extremely high isobaric pressure of up to 80 bar (1,160 psi), but also heats it to a maximum temperature of up to 400°C. Cooling it down to room ambient temperature without interrupting the pressure is also possible, as is a common feature of all Held presses. The new production line demonstrates the most recent state of Held’s press technology and is available for testing, development work and small scale production runs on a rental basis.


Technical data of Heather 5:
Pressurized surface (W x L): 1.54 m x 3.40 m (60 in. x 11 ft.).
Isobaric pressure: 80 bar max. (1,160 psi).
Temperature: 400°C max. (750 °F).
Belt speed: 30 m/min max. (98 ft/min).


With its 12 unwinding shafts, all equipped with web tension control systems, the line can process almost any kind of roll material. Even sheet material can be handled. Thin laminate will be trimmed and wound after leaving the press. Laminate too thick for winding will be cut into sheets in a clipping station and placed on an automatic stacking table.

All ancillary equipment has been installed in separate rooms, ensuring the operators can work in a quiet environment at a comfortable ambient temperature level.

A heat recovery system recuperates the line’s waste heat to heat the buildings on the Held premises. In the summer an absorber system transforms the waste heat into cold which is used for air conditioning the buildings.



With its large width the new line targets new customers and new market segments, in particular in the aircraft and aerospace industries as well as in the automobile industry, where demand has increased considerably.


Together with the press lines installed earlier, Held now offers a total of three isobaric high temperature press lines with useful width dimensions from 0.8 m to 1.54 m in their technology park.