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Hengrun build composite industrial technology research institute

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31 Jan 2014

Recently, Hengrun Group has started the construction of its composite industrial technology research institute in Zaoqiang County Industrial Park, Hebei province.

The composite industrial technology research institute is supported by the Hebei provincial science and technology department. Hengrun Group has worked together with Wuhan University of Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Hebei Machinery Research and Design Institute, Hebei University of Technology, and Beijing Aerospace University in the building of this composite industrial technology research institute.

It is a provincial level development platform that also bears three of the the national "863" major scientific and technological research and provincial science and technology supporting projects. Hire 9 professors, 7 academicians, the Institute was set up expert guidance committee, academician workstation has been approved by the provincial.

This research institute first phase will involved an investment of 25 million $US (150 million Yuan) and the second phase project will involve an investment of 35 million $US (210 million Yuan).

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