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Hengyang's first wind farm started construction

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14 Nov 2014

Recently, the Hengyang city's first new wind energy project, Qidong Guanjiazui wind farm has officially started construction in Guanjiazui Township, Qidong County.

It is understood that the wind farm is located in Bajiao Shan hill, Guanjiazui Township. The local annual wind speed can reach 6 meters per second, with concentrated wind energy resources, and good wind farm construction conditions. The project total investment is 450 million Yuan (US$ 72.68 million). It has designed an installation of 25 sets of 2000 kilowatts wind power turbine units with a total installed capacity of 50000 kilowatts. In addition, a supporting 110000 volt power station will also be constructed.

The first batch of the wind turbine units will be put into power generation operation in June next year. At the end of December 2015, all the wind turbine units will achieve grid connection and power generation. After the project fully put into production, the annual power generation can reached 100 million kwh, which can solve about 30000 households perennial living electricity. The environment effect is also obvious with a saving of 34000 tons of standard coal and a reduction of large amount of sulfur dioxide emissions.

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