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Herbert Kraibühler receives Georg Menges Award 2012

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15 Mar 2012

The VDMA (German Engineering Federation) Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association, PlasticsEurope Germany and the supporting association of the IKV (Institute of Plastics Processing) in Trade and Industry at the RWTH University of Aachen presented the Georg Menges Award 2012 to Herbert Kraibühler, Managing Director Technology & Engineering at Arburg.

The award organisers praised his outstanding services in implementing the knowledge gained in research and development, as well as his commitment to continuous cooperation between science and business. They pointed out that Mr. Kraibühler’s excellent work particularly underlined the fact that new and innovative products can only be created through research and the consistent implementation of the knowledge gained. They also emphasised that his work has helped shape the future of the plastics processing industry to an outstanding extent.



Herbert Kraibühler always seeks out direct contact with scientists and academics. This enables the research institutions to target their activities in areas that are relevant to the plastics industry. ARBURG is thus in a position to identify trends at an early stage and put them into practice in an industrial setting.



These trends, which have today become established methods, technologies and processes, include functional integration, the modularisation of machines, automated production, energy efficiency concepts and the process integration of injection moulding machines (i.e. production cells). Without responding to trends like these, it would no longer be economically viable to produce in a high-wage country such as Germany.



Herbert Kraibühler and ARBURG encourage research through their exemplary support, involving both machines and machine components. Moreover, the ARBURG “Technology on Tour” event programme gives a broad public from the “extended” plastics sector a chance to learn more about technologies and trends. This public includes not only suppliers, customers and partners, industry representatives and trade journalists, but also students, trainees and schoolchildren. Herbert Kraibühler always plays an active role in these events. In this way he helps stimulate interest in and awareness of plastics as materials. Mr. Kraibühler also uses these activities to promote communication between universities and the industry.


In all that he does, Herbert Kraibühler follows the original principles behind the Georg Menges Award in a direct and exemplary manner.




About the Georg Menges Award

The Georg Menges Award recognises services in continuous cooperation between science and business in the field of plastics processing. It is presented to outstanding personalities or groups who have earned a name for themselves in implementing information gathered from research and development between business and science and aims to encourage dialogue and cooperation between business and research institutions. As is demonstrated by numerous projects implemented with research institutions such as the IKV, Mr. Kraibühler is the embodiment of the ideals upon which the Georg Menges Award is based.


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