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HEROMAN aviation carbon fiber supply to China aviation industry

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7 May 2012

World famous composite brand HEROMAN aviation grade carbon fiber dry cloth and aviation grade carbon fiber prepreg entered Chinese market.

Carbon fiber materials have two grades: aviation and industrial grades. Iindustrial grade carbon fiber can satisfy the needs of automobile, yacht, wind energy, civil construction and other industrial fields. While aviation grade carbon fiber is applied to aviation, aerospace, military and sports leisure products manufacturing with higher performance requirements.


Due to various reasons, aviation grade carbon fiber material has yet to enter the Chinese market. And the domestic aviation industry had to use industrial grade carbon fiber in aerospace products. The material constraints limited the product level. Therefore, China aerospace and aviation needs to import more matching grade carbon fiber.


HEROMAN is a professional manufacturer of composite material, held the "aircraft grade products of export licenses" issued by the United States Department of commerce product safety administration.


Early in 1976, HEROMAN was gained Boeing BMS9-8 certification, and become one of Boeing earliest textile products suppliers.


The fibers entered the Chinese market are BMS9-8HM-AT3200P, HM-AT3200C, HM-AT3380S, HM-AT6380S and other aviation grade carbon fiber materials. With the introduction of HEROMAN Aviation Carbon Fiber, China’s aviation industry has entered into a fast development stage with higher level improvements.



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