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Hexagon Composites nominated by car manufacturer to supply fuel tanks

News International-French

4 Jul 2014

Hexagon Composites' wholly owned subsidiary Hexagon Raufoss has been nominated by an international car manufacturer to supply Type 4 high-pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tanks.

The cooperation commences in third quarter 2014 with an initial product development phase. The first deliveries are targeted for the beginning of 2017, and the program is scheduled to run for up to 7 years. The estimated overall delivery value is around NOK 525 million (approximately USD 90 million).

With around 70% lower weight compared with a type 1 steel cylinder the type 4 composite cylinder manufactured by Hexagon Raufoss allows lower vehicle fuel consumption. CNG fuelled vehicles have significantly lower emissions than petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles.

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