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Hexagon Lincoln announces joint venture agreement with Agility Fuel Systems

News International-French

8 May 2014

Thee joint venture aims to supply CNG cylinders for fuel systems to support growing heavy-duty natural gas truck market.

Hexagon Composites wholly owned subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln will combine its extensive experience and engineering knowledge with Agility Fuel Systems, the leading designer and producer of on-board natural gas fuel systems, to maximize efficiencies and economies of scale.

The joint venture brings together two players in the heavy duty natural gas vehicle industry. Agility has reached a business volume that gives economic justification for a dedicated CNG tank production line physically integrated with systems assembly. The new tanks will be based on Hexagon Lincoln core products with unique technology jointly developed by the two companies.

Hexagon Lincoln’s existing expansion plans are critical to this arrangement, and as the market continues its rapid growth, additional manufacturing facilities will be required. An integrated facility established close to OEM truck customers to optimize the overall value chain makes strong sense.

The Hexagon Lincoln division of Hexagon Composites is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s been filament winding composites for 50 years and producing Type 4 CNG tanks for 20 years. Agility Fuel Systems is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA. and has been providing industry leading, turnkey natural gas fuel system solutions to OEM and fleet customers for almost two decades.

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