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Hexcel awarded "Best Research & Technology Partner 2014" by Stelia Aerospace

News International-French

29 Dec 2014

Hexcel has been presented with an award for “Best Research & Technology Partner” by Aerolia (Stelia Aerospace), acknowledging the strong collaboration between the companies in demonstrating the potential of HiTape technology for next generation aircraft primary structures.

The award was presented to Hexcel’s Thierry Merlot, VP and General Manager, by Alain Tropis, COO Development at Aerolia and Raphaël Duflos, Chief Procurement Officer at Aerolia.

Hexcel worked with Aerolia SAS to design and manufacture an aircraft fuselage panel demonstrator, with a self-stiffened skin made by vacuum infusion using Hexcel’s innovative HiTape reinforcements and HexFlow RTM6 resin. Aerolia took responsibility for the part design and quality control testing. Hexcel performed the one-shot infusion of the out of autoclave part at its Application Lab in Les Avenières.

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