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Hexcel exhibits at first JEC Americas show

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31 Oct 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - Leading in advanced composite technologies, Hexcel Corporation will showcase a variety of innovative materials that are at the heart of many Aerospace and Industrial applications at JEC Americas 2012.

Visitors will see demonstrations of Hexcel’s leading-edge technologies that continue to meet the ever-changing requirements in aerospace acoustic performance to industrial large-scale tooling materials.


  • Curved Dagger Board for A-Class Racing Catamaran
    Built with HexTow® IM2C carbon fiber for increased stiffness and optimum performance.
    The use of Intermediate Modulus (IM) carbon fiber is critical in this application as the curved design generates high stresses in the boards.  Where standard modulus carbon fiber has failed, HexTow® IM2 carbon fiber enables designs to deliver extreme performance.
  • Wind Turbine Blade Spar Cap
    Hexcel’s new SuperCap™ heavy UD carbon fiber/epoxy prepregs have been developed specifically for thick critical blade structures such as spars and spar caps. The laminate quality achieved with SuperCap™ is very high due to the use of Hexcel’s patented Grid Technology where the grid assists in removing air during vacuum bag process and ensures that the void content in the final unidirectional carbon laminate is very low. This gives superior mechanical performance, translating carbon fiber modulus into laminate modulus.
  • PrimeTex® virtually gap free carbon fiber fabrics
    A perfect surface finish is obtained from the patented PrimeTex® weaving technology in which fibers are spread in both the warp and weft direction to provide a uniform weave andsmooth appearance. Since launching PrimeTex® Hexcel and customers have discovered that the benefits of this technology extend beyond the cosmetic attributes. The patented spreading process produces thinner fabrics, which result in greater weight savings – and the resulting laminates have reduced porosity and give better mechanical performance. Low porosity also gives good performance for thin skin sandwich structures and resistance to water ingress.


  •  CFM LEAP engine fan blade with HexTow® Carbon Fiber
    Jointly developed by Albany Engineered Composites, Inc. and Snecma (SAFRAN Group), the fan blade uses HexTow® IM7 GP 12K carbon fiber. With Albany Engineered Composites’ 3D-woven and resin transfer molding technology along with the machining and finishing expertise from Snecma, Hexcel’s carbon fiber delivers the strength and stiffness required in extreme environments. HexTow® IM7 also provides superior damage tolerance in a 3D-woven preform reinforcement, possesses excellent translation of properties through the resin transfer molding process, and provides unmatched reliability in engine fan blade applications.
  • AcoustiCap®, Noise-Reducing Honeycomb for Aircraft Engines
    The latest development in Acousti-Cap® technology with sound absorption that is enhanced by the zero splice configurations. This prevents the generation of scattering acoustical modes, while offering a wider noise-reducing area and low weight solution. The variable depth insertion allows Hexcel to tune the performance requirements of the liner depending on the customer’s noise reduction needs.
  • HexMC® Parts for Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    HexMC® is a new product form and processing technology for composites that is derived from established aerospace industry high strength carbon fiber/epoxy tape. Hexcel will be presented with the JEC Innovation Award for Aerospace for HexMC® technology at a special ceremony during the JEC Americas show.  Used to great effect on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, HexMC® offers low density, good strength and stiffness properties, enabling complex shapes that would previously have had to be machined or forged from metal to be manufactured in composites in cost-effective series production. Hexcel has full in-house design, testing and manufacturing facilities for HexMC® parts.
  • Outlet Guide Vanes (OGV) in HexMC® for the GE-Honda HF120 Turbofan
    Jointly developed by GE, Honda and Hexcel, each engine has 42 OGVs, which are great candidates to benefit from HexMC® technology while providing weight savings that are comparable to – or better than – those achieved with other aerospace carbon/epoxy solutions.
  •  HexTOOL® tooling material
    Hexcel’s patented composite tooling material that enables the tolerance accuracy achieved with metals to be combined with the extreme lightness of carbon fiber composites. HexTOOL molds are easy to repair and are simple to modify. This new concept for lightweight, efficient large-scale tools is cost-effective compared with conventional composite tools and metal molds, especially those made from Invar®.


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