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Hexcel at Experience Composites

News International-French

15 Sep 2016

Hexcel is exhibiting at Experience Composites in Augsburg, Germany from September 21-23, 2016.

This new trade fair and symposium was conceived by JEC Group in partnership with Carbon Composites e.V. Hexcel’s presence as the Official Sponsor of the Innovation Showcase, located at the heart of the show in hall 3, will provide the opportunity to meet with customers and show visitors some of the latest composite technologies benefiting aerospace and automotive customers in particular.

For aerospace structures, Hexcel has developed HiTape® advanced dry carbon fiber reinforcements that allow dry preforms to be manufactured in an automated process at very high deposition rates. The preforms are infused with Hexcel’s RTM6 epoxy resin in a cost-efficient out of autoclave process. The cured structures can be up to 30mm thick and have a fiber volume content up to 60%, allowing them to achieve mechanical properties that are as high as those obtained with primary structure prepregs.

For automotive visitors, Hexcel will also be promoting its innovative CFRP technology that has been introduced in the BMW 7 Series to save weight and reinforce the metal shell of the B-pillar. Hexcel supplies BMW with preforms made of unidirectional carbon prepreg set in various orientations and combined with adhesive. The prepreg is made from Hexcel’s HexPly® M77 resin system that cures in just 1.5 minutes at 160°C.