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HexMC carbon fibre/epoxy moulded parts for the Boeing 787

News International-French

27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The first Boeing 787 was delivered on 26 September 2011. Several hundred HexMC parts from Hexcel have been certified for this aircraft. HexMC is a new composite material derived from established high-strength carbon fibre/epoxy tapes used in the aerospace industry.

It exhibits low density, with good strength and stiffness properties, enabling cost-effective series production of complex composite shapes that would previously have had to be machined or forged from metal. HexMC parts provide weight savings that are comparable to those achieved with aerospace carbon/epoxy prepregs.


The HexMC parts certified for the 787 Dreamliner include window frames, brackets, fittings, gussets, clips/cleats, intercostals and pans. The new low-density, high-strength composite frame has a significant impact on two key characteristics of the Dreamliner: it saves almost 50% weight compared to traditional aluminium frame and offers superior damage tolerance.  


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