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High capacity, continuous production via a multi-stage double belt press

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11 Feb 2011

Press And Steel Belt manufacturer Sandvik will use the JEC show to highlight the high capacity of its continuous double belt presses and the quality of end product achievable by being able to create precise heat profiles via multi-staged zones of different temperatures.

This multi-stage capability, whereby the material to be processed travels through a series of in-line process phases – heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and confectioning – ensures high productivity and allows adjustment of process profiles for different products. The use of steel belts enables high pressures to be generated in the forming zone.

Sandvik manufactures two types of continuous press. The isochoric press, whereby the press gap is accurately maintained irrespective of pressure, is used for sheet casting (e.g. artificial stone, marble tiles), sheet moulding and laminating applications. The isobaric double belt press, which applies a constant pressure, is suited to the production of thin products and composites, including fiber-reinforced plastics, decorative laminates, floor boards and extruded board.

In either case, the need for a combination of heat, pressure and cooling makes the steel belt the ideal process medium.

Sandvik has also worked with TechnoPartner Samtronic GmbH (TPS) to develop an innovative hybrid press that makes use of both steel and Teflon® belts. The ‘CombiPress’ differs from Sandvik’s double belt presses in that steel belts are only used in the forming section where their strength and thermal properties are essential; elsewhere, non-stick Teflon belts are used, reducing the overall investment cost of the CombiPress.

Sandvik will exhibit at JEC 2011, Booth L 70 - (Pavillon 1 – Porte de Versailles) 

Source : Sandvik
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