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High-flexibility laboratory press

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29 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - This press can create different pressure, displacement and temperature curves. The whole pressing procedure can be programmed individually. This makes the press suitable for all kinds of moulding methods.

The heart of the unit is a specially-developed hydraulic aggregate, which is highly efficient and extremely quiet. The concept uses only standard valves and oils, thus reducing maintenance intervals and costs. In addition, the pressure deviation is about 1% and the machine can press to size with a tolerance of +0.01 mm.


The thermal oil heating and cooling device is fully integrated. The flexible press ram and tilting table make it possible to use directly and indirectly heated moulds, but also, for example, to press panels to size. Feeding out of the press via the tilting table is ergonomic. For greater flexibility, the machine also has a standard interface for injection devices.


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