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High-performance building blocks for formulators

News International-French

23 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Leveraging its core strengths in synthesis and formulation, Huntsman confirms its position as a supplier of high-performance building blocks for formulators.

It includes:

- Di, tri and tetra functional epoxies providing formulators with a full set of “building blocks” for formulated composite and adhesive systems to improve thermal, mechanical and processing properties.


- Tougheners and flexibilizers – a range of liquid-to-solid molecules and polymers modifying the flexibility and/or impact resistance of formulated composite and adhesive systems.


- Epoxy hardeners designed for a wide range of processing conditions that allow formulators to adapt curing kinetics of their systems as well as the structure of the cured network, from high cross-linking density to high flexibility.


- Benzoxazines: solid resins combining medium to high glass transition temperature, high modulus, good to very good flame resistance, low water uptake and near zero shrinkage on curing. Liquid benzoxazines acting as diluents for solid resins and catalysts that reduce curing temperature and the cure cycle will also be released this year.



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